michiganblowerdoorWith a new code on the horizon which will require all new construction homes to have a blower door test, finding a certified professional to conduct the testing is a challenge many builders will face in 2016.

To meet the need and showcase the professionals willing to take on new projects, www.MichiganBlowerDoor.com has just launched and is ready to help you find a home performance contractor. The list is growing every week, so if you don’t see someone listed for your area, check back every few months and watch the list grow.

Note that the individuals and companies listed on the site have all been interviewed and checked to ensure they have the certifications required by the State of Michigan, and are willing to conduct testing for any builders. There are some individuals in the state who conduct testing who have chosen NOT to be listed on the site because they work exclusively for other builders or do not have the bandwidth to accept new customers.

If you are a certified individual and wish to be listed on the site, please fill out the form below:

and provide your credentials in order to be added to the list.