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HERS Ratings


Standard Price $695

Resnet Home Energy Rating System is like a miles-per-gallon rating of a home’s energy efficiency. There are no mandatory requirements for a rating because it is not a code or program of energy efficiency. It is simply a way to measure the energy efficiency of a new or existing home. For more information about HERS Ratings, see our Contractor FAQ Page or read the Builders Guide to HERS Ratings

A HERS Rating on a home is the best choice for showing Code Compliance as well as proving to homeowners that their new home will perform as they expect. Remember that a HERS Rating can be done on existing homes as well as new homes

The standard price of $695 (for homes up to 3000 ft2) includes the following:

  • Projected rating certificates for permit submittal
  • Pre-drywall insulation inspection
  • Post construction testing for air infiltration and duct leakage (blower door tests)
  • Additional testing such as bath fans and ventilation systems
  • Failure diagnostics (if a system fails to work properly, we will attempt to diagnose the problem, not just tell you it failed!)
  • Digital and Paper report of testing and rating results
  • Code Compliance sticker on electric service panel

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The standard price does NOT include the following additional charges

  • Homes over 3000 ft2 above grade or with multiple HVAC systems (contact for a quote)
  • Mileage expenses
  • Postage expenses for mailing paper copies of reports
  • Return trips for additional testing in the event of a failure or scheduling error
  • Printing expenses if large scale plans need to be printed for takeoffs

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Download the HERS Rating Guide from our Library


ENERGY STAR Home Certification




The ENERGY STAR Homes Program uses a HERS Rating as a baseline on top of which additional mandatory requirements must be met, therefore the price for ENERGY STAR Home Certification includes a HERS Rating already.

ENERGY STAR Homes have many additional requirements ABOVE THE CODE and require that the rater be involved in the home from the start! Please read our FAQ Page and Download the Builders Guide to Energy Star Homes. Also visit our Contractor E-Library for the checklists and other guides to compliance.

The standard price of $755 (for homes up to 3000 ft2) includes the following

  • Everything included in a HERS Rating
  • Completion of the Thermal Enclosure Checklist (pre-drywall insulation inspection)
  • Registering the home with ENERGY STAR Homes program

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Download the ENERGY STAR guide from the Contractor Library.


Code Compliance (Michigan Only)


$100 to $495

The Michigan Uniform Energy Code (MUEC) is currently based on the 2009 IECC however the code is set to change in 2015 to a new code based on the 2012 IECC. For more information on the current and proposed codes, see our Contractor FAQ, Builders Guide to Michigan Uniform Energy Code (2009) or the Builders Guide to MUEC 2015 or search the Blog Page for updates. Also see our Contractor E-Library section on code compliance. Different jurisdictions have different local requirements and builders may wish to complete some of their own compliance steps so we have a list of services to choose from.

  • Projected Code Compliance Certificate for permit submittal $100
  • Pre-Drywall air sealing and insulation inspection $100
  • Blower door testing for air infiltration standards $150
  • Duct leakage testing $150 (per system)
  • Full Compliance Package $495:
    • Projected Certificates for permit
    • Pre-drywall inspection checklists
    • Blower door and Duct Leakage testing
    • Inspection of attic insulation
    • Testing of exhaust fans and ventilation system
    • Limited failure diagnostics
    • Compliance sticker on service panel
    • Certified Compliance Certificate (PDF)

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Download the Michigan Uniform Energy Code guide for builders from our library.


Other Services

(Call or email for pricing)

  • Failure diagnostics
  • Pre-remodel energy audits
  • Multi-Family Enterprise Green Communities projects
  • Pre & Post Remodeling testing and improvement analysis
  • Thermal Infrared Photography Inspections
  • Solar and Off-Grid system consulting
  • Contractor and Supervisor Training
  • Rebate and Tax Credit paperwork and reports

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